"Multidisciplinary Conversation 600 seconds with Art" With a duration of 10 minutes, in order for the plastic artist, writer or poet to be founded in a pleasant chat with the host where he exposes his artistic reality: beginnings, development, current affairs and work .

IcalmArte Magazine N° 7

March 2022. Cover: Domingo Parada, Bolivia/USA

Virtual Exhibitions

IcalmArte Internacional is pleased to announce the cycle of Individual Virtual Exhibitions
Patricia Giovanzani
06/16/2022 - 19:00 Spanish time


National Art Exhibition
Medellin, Colombia
Around America
Inauguration: 06/16 6:00 p.m.

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IcalmInternational Multidisciplinary Art

It is a platform that brings together a group of Latin American plastic and visual artists from 24 countries.
This group, conceived to integrate these artists with the world and now from Barcelona Spain, seeking the development and consolidation of their career and disseminating their works, has created the aforementioned platform that favors the opening of the borders of art in America, the USA and Europe.
We now present an innovative proposal, which is our new disciplines section, which is a space for writers, poets and other artistic disciplines.

Our members enjoy benefits such as:

  • Participation in events such as International Art Fairs
  • Collective face-to-face exhibitions in Colombia, USA and Spain
  • Virtual exhibitions, individual or collective
  • Art Shopping virtual store on our website
  • Multidisciplinary Conversation 600 seconds with Art, making room for other artistic disciplines
  • International Art Magazine IcalmArte Magazine, from the web it can be printed to make it physically collectible
  • Marketing agency for artists

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+34 641 137086

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